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UCO Fire Starting Collection

Fire Starting Overview UCO Survival Matches and Tinder
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  • Fire Starting Kit - web only
    3 ways to make fire!
    Part No. MT-KIT2 Low stock
    MT-KIT2 | Fire Starting Kit - web only | Sweetfire, FireSteel, Matches in Tin
  • Behemoth Sweetfire Match Kit
    15 Min Burn Time
    Part No. MT-BEHEMOTH In stock
    MT-BEHEMOTH | Behemoth Sweetfire Match Kit | 9 giant tinder matches UN1944
  • Titan Fire Striker
    Large Ferro Rod - Lasts 20,000+ Strikes!
    Part No. MT-FS-TITAN In stock
    MT-FS-TITAN | Titan Fire Striker | Peggable Blister Card
  • Behemoth Sweetfire Match
    15 Min Burn Time!
    Part No. MT-BEHEMOTH-3P In stock
    MT-BEHEMOTH-3P | Behemoth Sweetfire Match | 3 pack giant tinder matches in polybag UN1944

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