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UCO Headlamps - Built for Outdoor Adventures
Keeping your hands free while lighting your path is a must in the outdoors. While many cheap headlamps will do the job, a high quality comfortable LED headlamp makes your camping experience much more enjoyable and memorable. Adventures don't stop at sunset and with a headlamp you're ready to cook dinner or go on a night hike with your crew. 

Our comfort-fit headlamps use a dial system instead of elastic to perfectly comform to your head and eliminate preasure points. Another unique feature of UCO headlamps is our infinity dial system which lets you dim your headlamp by turning the bezel. Take control of your brightness with infinite adjustment.

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  • Woodland Camoflauge Static 2-Tone
    Hundred 2 Headlamp
    Version 2 is 20% Brighter!
    Part No. HL-HUNDRED2 Some colors out of stock
    HL-HUNDRED2 | Hundred 2 Headlamp | Upgraded Brighter 2019 version
  • Beta Headlamp, Cosmic Beta Headlamp, Grey Wool Beta Headlamp, Northern Beta Headlamp, River Stone Beta Headlamp, Wood Grain
    Beta Headlamp
    200 Lumens of Style
    Part No. HL-BETA In stock
    HL-BETA | Beta Headlamp | Peggable Box


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