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Flexible Folding Solar Panel Charger

Power in your pocket
Power and communication can be essential in the backcountry or in an emergency. This ultra-portable flexible solar panel lets you pack power almost anywhere. When not in use, it
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Power and communication can be essential in the backcountry or in an emergency. This ultra-portable flexible solar panel lets you pack power almost anywhere. When not in use, it folds up to fit in the palm of your hand and has a convenient universal USB charging port. When it comes to solar, panels matter - this one unfolds into a powerful and flexible panel consisting of 12 Dow solar modules. Unlike similar sized solar panels that fail to collect enough power to complete any significant charging, the Folding Solar Wallet has the footprint and efficiency to top off most portable devices. Throw it in your backpack for that multi-day backpacking trip, that epic through hike or keep in your bugout back just in case. You'll be glad you did.


  • Compact and super thin
  • Weighs no more than 120g (4oz)
  • Smaller than an iPhone 6 when folded
  • 12 Dow flexible solar cells
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Gromets for backpack or tent attachment
  • Water-resistant, tear-proof, shock-resistant
  • Unfolded: 17.1" wide x 8.6" tall x .43" thick
  • Folded: 4.3" wide x 2.8" tall x 1.3" thick

It takes about 2hrs to charge an iPhone 6 from 0% to 100% in direct sunlight. Please find the table above for other mobile brands as reference.

Sample Charging Times



  • The product can be used to charge your mobile phone or power bank directly.

  • Please make sure ALL 12 CELLS of the product are completely exposed in the sun during the charging process

  • Solar power can fluctuate due to the circumstances of the sun, if iPhone users are experiencing slow-charging or not-charging at all, please unplug the iPhone and plug it in again.

  • Charging iPhone in moving scenarios, such as hiking, cycling, climbing etc. Please connect your device to your power bank first, then connect your power bank to your Solar Wallet for the best charging experience.

  • Panel is water-resistant, tear-proof, shock-resistant for beach or other outdoor occasions, USB port must stay dry.

  • For better charging performance, bright direct sunlight is advised.
No. ML-SP-1
Description Flexible Solar Panel Wallet
Description 2 Ultra flexible solar panel
Product Group Name UCO
Item Category Name Lighting
Item Category Code LED-LIGHT
Net Weight 0.5
Reviews (2)
  • Compact, lightweight, works
    Not a bad little charger. Only 3 stars because I will need to use it more and see what it can handle. It does have to be in direct sunlight and laid flat, any shade/cloudy at all and it won't work. There is a charge delay when I plug in my phone (Samsung) , but once it starts charging it works well. Good for day hikes, thru hiking, for camping I would just use my Anker it has multi-ports and works in cloudy weather, but the Anker much is larger and heavier then this one, this one is slightly bigger than a credit card. I was looking for a smaller solar charger and stumble across this one. Tried to upload a picture but no luck. Overall I like it, I prefer to have a solar charger instead of a the power bank when wondering in the mountains.
  • Works well so far
    I was surprised by how small this panel is folded up. About the same size as a wallet. Seems well made so far. I'll post again after I've used it more.