UCO Ware Mess Kit and Spork FAQ

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Our Mess Kit is made from tough polypropolene with grippy urethane pads.
The silicone gasket does a great job at keeping moist & damp foods contained without seeping out. Although the gasket is lab tested to keep pure liquids totally contained, rotation & movement (like in a backpack) may cause the seal to break.
If your plastic Utility Spork or Switch Spork ever breaks, please contact us for a full replacement. Plastic UCO Ware sporks have a lifetime warranty. Titanium Utility Sporks have a 1 year warranty.
All products are fully warrantied to the original owner against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. They are sold with a 30 day money back guarantee from date of shipment. UCO Utility Sporks have a lifetime warranty.
Yes! UCO Ware is all certified food safe to the following standards FDA, LFGB, EU, France & Japan. All BPA free.
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There are many ways to use the tether to connect you Mess Kit components. The recommended way is to 'thread' the loose end of the tether through the holes of the Mess Kit handle, then through the Spork and wrapp the end around the Mess Kit handles on the opposite end. The spork also fits perfectly inside the Mess Kit, when your finished your meal!
The UCO Utility Spork is made from engineered polymer Nylon, with 30% glass fiber filling for added strength and durability.
The following UCO Ware products are Microwave safe: Utility Spork, Swithc Spork, Mess Kit
The following UCO Ware products are NOT Microwave safe: Titanium Spork and Bamboo Elements Mess Kit.
Although the Mess Kit can hold boiling water, it is not made for use on stovetop, burner or fire for use to boil water in directly. You can use the standard Mess Kit to boil water in the Microwave.
Yes you can. Email us at info@industrialrev.com