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ECOWare Camping Mess Kits & Campware - Recycled, Reusable BPA free plastic durable Mess Kits, Backpacking, Outdoor Meals
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We're pushing the boundaries of available technology to make our products more sustainable. Introducing our all new Recover Recycled polypropylene. A post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste material that is certified FDA-Food Safe and fully recyclable. 

 All UCO Ware including ECO Ware has a Limited lifetime warranty.

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  • ECO Five Piece Mess Kit, Midnight ECO Five Piece Mess Kit, Ocean Blue ECO Five Piece Mess Kit, Plum Purple
    ECO 5 Piece Mess Kit
    100% Recycled Plus New Food Lock Clips
    Part No. F-MK-ECO5PC Out of stock
    F-MK-ECO5PC | ECO 5 Piece Mess Kit
  • ECO Switch Spork, Midnight ECO Switch Spork, Ocean Blue ECO Switch Spork, Plum Purple
    ECO Switch Spork
    Made of 100% Recycled Material
    Part No. F-SP-SWITCH-ECO Out of stock
    F-SP-SWITCH-ECO | ECO Switch Spork
  • ECO Camp Plate, Blue
    ECO Camp Plate
    Part No. F-P-ECO-BULK Out of stock
    F-P-ECO-BULK | ECO Camp Plate | Bulk
  • ECO Camp Bowl, Blue
    ECO Camp Bowl
    Part No. F-B-ECO-BULK Out of stock
    F-B-ECO-BULK | ECO Camp Bowl | Bulk
  • ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack, Berry & Mustard ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack, Chili & Slate ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack, Green & Lavender ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack, Various
    ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack
    Made of 100% Recycled Material
    Part No. F-SP-UT-ECO-2PK Out of stock
    F-SP-UT-ECO-2PK | ECO Utility Spork 2-Pack
  • ECO Camp Cup, Blue
    ECO Camp Cup
    Part No. F-C-ECO-BULK Out of stock
    F-C-ECO-BULK | ECO Camp Cup | Bulk

    Eco Ware - Recycled Meal Ware