Titanium Utility Spork

Lightweight Minimalism
Functionality. The utensils you eat with should just work. Often referred to as “three in one”, the Utility Spork anything but a compromise. Micro serrations smoothly cut through
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Functionality. The utensils you eat with should just work. Often referred to as “three in one”, the Utility Spork anything but a compromise. Micro serrations smoothly cut through protein rich foods and stab the perfect bite. Those holes aren’t just for weight reduction. Each Spork Set includes a Reusable Tether which can be clipped to a bag, used to hang dry, or stack and cinch multiple utensils together for transport.

Metal gives you added durability and cooking possibilities over composite sporks (won't melt). Titanium gives you lightweight and strength over stainless sporks or normal household utensils. After all Titanium is what submarines are made of.  UCO Ware has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made from lightweight ultra-durable titanium.
  • Serrated edge on fork tine ideal for cutting.
  • Attachment points and reusable tether work together to attach the spork to a pack or hang it up to dry.
  • Stackable design to group multiple sporks together.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Material: Ultra-lightweight titanium
  • Weight: .6 oz. (19g)
  • Length: 7 in. (17.8cm)
  • Packaging: Pinpack
  • Part #: F-SP-TI

Description Titanium Utility Spork
Description 2 Peggable Card
Product Group Name UCO
Item Category Name Sporks
Item Category Code UCOWARE
Net Weight 0.08
Depth 0.75
Height 0.75
Width 2.13
Reviews (5)
  • Great Spork, wish they had a left-handed model
    Great feel, light weight. Seems a little silly but a little difficult to use the knife with my left hand. I had to turn the Spork over or switch to my right hand. Would have loved to see the serrated edge on both sides of the fork end.
  • easy to clean
    I am immensely pleased with this spork! I actually picked it up in a shop inside the louvre museum. I already had the plastic spork but when I saw this one I had to have it. My biggest beef with outdoor gear is recessed etchings/engravings placed on things that need to be cleaned! When water is limited, it is invaluable to have something that doesnt have etchings ect that can end up trapping food and making it more of a hassle to clean, wasting water, and risking food particles being left behind to make you sick. This spork is SO much easier to clean than the plastic one! Thanks!
  • Good on the go, Just a bit soft
    Picked up a couple of these for eating on the go, so as not to use so many one time use utensils. It’s helped with my overall footprint w/ eating out or at the campfire. My only reason for rating it 4 stars is the “softness” of the titanium, I snagged the fork end on a bag and it bent pretty easily, granted it bent back fairly easily as well, it was still a bother to me as now I feel like I need to be a little more careful with it when transporting/carrying it. Other than that, a great addition to my EDC, and camp load out! Grab one when you can! REI still has them and so does Natural Grocers.
  • Great gear
    Nice replacement for the plastic sporks Ive bought from another company. I would love to see a case for it so I can throw it in my day pack and not worry about it tearing a hole in by bag.
  • WOW
    This spork is ridiculous light weight and compact. I keep it in my Jeep so I dont have to fill the middle console with plastic utensils when Im out and about. Thanks Uco for such a great product!

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